Translation of documents from Polish or English

If you need to have your documents translated, I would be more than happy to help you. I often deal with files in various formats like PDFs (also scans without possibility of copying the text), MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher or Adobe InDesign. Thanks to the arsenal of tools I am in disposition of, a chance to encounter compatibility issues can be minimized to the lowest possible extent. Usually, the target translation is aligned to reflect the source document.

Polish English Translator

Here are some of the types of documents I translate:

  •  Insurance agreements and policies

I usually translate insurance documents from Polish to English. I have translated plenty of documents issued by leading global insurance companies. This document usually cover houses or apartments.

  • Loan agreements

I have translated a few US loan and mortgage agreements from English to Polish

  • Financial statements

I have translated financial statements of two Polish airlines for a client from the UK. These were vast documents that included a balance sheet, various tables and description of operations in a given year, consolidation terms, conclusions, etc.

  • Contracts of sale

I usually translate contracts of sale of houses or apartments made between individual parties (Polish to English)

  • Bank statements

Statements that include transactions, confirmations of instructions or certificates issued by major banks operating in Poland

  • Birth certificates and vital records

Usually Polish and Canadian birth certificates and similar documents

  • Brochures

Marketing materials including advertisements of various consumables or technical devices and instructions how to act in certain situations in the public or private facilities

  • Surveys and questionaires

These include various types of questionaires for the purposes of online marketing and research

  • Invoices

Invoices for goods or services issued in Poland (including utility bills, announcements, housing-related documents, fees and charges, property tax information)


… and many more.