Technical content


Technical content in Polish

Translation of technical content into Polish is a complex process. When dealing with manuals for devices, it is crucial to understand the principles of their operation or entire processes. Obviously, relevant vocabulary must be used. In case of doubts it is necessary to consult subject matter with the client.

Below is the list of some technical projects I participated in:

  • Carbon Black User’s Guide
  • Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Geological reports on quality of soil
  • Tender procedures for railways and public transportation
  • Construction company website
  • Paving systems (overgrass grids)
  • Foundation slab systems
  • Manuals for air-conditioning devices
  • Technical software localization
  • Water dispenser manual
  • Anti-fire systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Electrical switchboards, switches, fixtures, accessories
  • Mold injection systems

Working in various industries helped me familiarize with specific terminology. When teaching English to people working in construction industry I had an opportunity to “infiltrate” this sector and learn new things. Each project I participate in is a great occassion to enhance my workshop and vocabulary. In case of other sectors it is necessary to perform thorough research, study manuals for similar systems and read industry-specific books. As there are hundreds of different devices and systems available in the market, sometimes it is necessary to have the translated material reviewed by a person from particular industry. Then potential discrepancies can be eliminated.

The most recent technical translation I have participated  in covered a pile rig (pile driver). Before I started, I had bought a pile rig manual in Polish. I learned the principles of operation of this machine, then I studied the vocabulary. I also conducted a thorough research regarding pile rigs on the Internet. Each technical project I work on means new experience during which I can learn a lot of new things. That results in bringing a better value for my future Clients.