Poland and Polish language

Polish language



In recent years Poland has recorded significant economic growth. According to official statistical data, unemployment rate is relatively low (6-7%). It’s a very good result, when compared to other countries of Europe and historic data for Poland . This proves that climate for business in Poland is very good. At the moment the real estate market is quite stable, following slight slowdown in years 2008-2010. After Poland joined European Union in 2004, significant development in transportation infrastructure has been seen. New highways have been built, railways are modernized and new transportation routes are introduced.



One of the most rapidly growing sector in Poland is e-commerce. People in Poland love to order goods and services on the Internet. Therefore, Allegro.pl (competitor of eBay), as well as other online shops record more orders year by year. Thanks to collection lockers provided by InPost with delivery times of 1 day throughout the country, it gets even better and more convenient.


Polish language

Polish is spoken by approx. 44 million people throughout the globe. There are around 38 million inhabitants in Poland. Many Polish people live in the USA and UK. These figures translate to high potential of reaching customers for various goods and services you might be offering.


Content in Polish

There is growing demand in providing consumers with content in their local language. Movies, software and mobile applications must be translated, so users could understand them easily and make the most out of them.

In the globalized world it is imporant to take into consideration needs and habits of consumers and offer them products and services in their native language, no matter whether it’s consumables, services or software.

Reach your audience by breaking the language barriers on your way to success and become a trailblazer in your sector.