In this field I have translated various leaflets, brochures, advertisements and website content. I also performed other related tasks like Search Engine Optimization, On-Page Optimization or Keyword Research.

When working on marketing texts it is crucial to take into account customs and habits of local audience. Too literal translations may not address customers in a correct way. It is very important to be aware of specific marketing language.

As marketing through social media gets crucial these days, I often receive assignments consisting in translation of Facebook posts or Google Ads. In modern world marketing through these channels is getting more popular and can replace traditional forms of marketing very soon. Thanks to this new technology you can outreach much more people and benefit from global presence.


Polish English Marketing Translator



Main purpose of localization is to customize websites or software for Polish-speaking users. Localized websites must address users as if they had been written in the target language. In case of software it is necessary to apply expressions and definitions that would be consistent in reference to similar products.


Polish Localization