English Polish Translator

English Polish Translator

Lukasz Konieczek – Freelance English Polish Translator/Interpreter, age: 36

I have been working as an English Polish translator for over 8 years. Over that time I participated in numerous translation projects in various fields, from small jobs of a few lines of text to major projects that required weeks of work.

I also took part in other projects that required knowledge of English or Polish language. These included transcriptions, proofreading, post-editing, keywords research, SEO and the like.

In the past decade I took several translation and English-Teaching courses (e.g. Business and Finance Translations, Movie Translations, English-Teaching Methodology) and sat at several language-oriented conferences.

Following my passion for learning foreign languages, English especially, I aim for constant development of language skills. I also speak Spanish at intermediate level and learn German.

In my work I always aim to provide best quality possible. When necessary, I am willing to perform thorough research in the subject matter.

Before I switched to freelancing, I had worked for Procter & Gamble and Citibank in Poland (2010-2011).

In years 2007-2009 I lived in the United Kingdom and worked for APCOA UK Gatwick. In that period I got familiar with various sectors like airport services, automotive, public institutions. I am quite familiar with UK retail and tourism market, popular brands, social life and British culture.